Monday, April 5, 2010

Maasai Mara

The time has flown by and its been ages since I've blogged on here...I'm in Kenya now. I am in Nairobi this weekend after getting back from spending a few days at the coast. I got to swim in the Indian Ocean! We will head back down to the Mara tomorrow.

As you leave Nairobi and drive down into the Great Rift Valley the view is beautiful. The drive all the way down to Mara West where we are staying is between 5 and 6 hours. We are on the escarpment overlooking the Mara as you can see from this picture. Zebras come and graze around camp and one day there were a couple of giraffes down from our tent. I'm having lots of fun and a lot of great experiences!!
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Wednesday, February 3, 2010

I know that I don't have time to write out everything that has happened in the past two weeks...the days seem to fly by! Charlie picked me up in Windhoek and we spent a few days running errands that he needed to do while he was there.
After that we were going to drive over to the coast and spend a few days but shortly after starting out on our drive we were robbed. They motioned to us that something was wrong with the car so we stopped and then they cut our tire and grabbed my bag that had my passport and money and credit cards in it. So we drove back into Windhoek and had to stay another night and take care of getting a new tire and passport and visa....It was a headache but we were thankful that it wasn't any worse. Thank God for His protection!
We finally made it over to the coast on Friday and spent the weekend in Swakopmund. The Namibian coast is very interesting in that the desert reaches right to the coast. You can drive along the coastline and see the sand dunes on one side of the road and the ocean on the other. It was so beautiful. On Sabbath we went to church right around the corner from where we were staying. We made some really great new friends while we were there! In the afternoon we drove out to Dune 7 and climbed around. That is something that I really wanted to do while I was here - it was awesome to be up that high and walk along the top of the dune!
We spent some time on the was nice walking along the beach early in the mornings. The water was cold - but now I can say that I've swam on this side of the Atlantic! We even watched some fishermen bring in a shark from the beach ...that was neat to see! It must have weighed about as much as me.
Because I had to get a new passport and visa, we had to drive back to Windhoek on Tuesday. Once all that was taken care of we finally made it to Opuwo Wednesday night. The next day we spent all day out in the bush. The roads were dry so we didn't have any trouble. We made several stops along the can't get in a hurry here. We arrived at the Otjiu school and clinic where we were meeting with people from several villages to talk about the english school that is in the planning. While we were waiting for everyone to arrive, Charlie and Ifike and I walked down to the river. There wasn't much water right now...even though this is the rainy season it hasn't rained in Opuwo since I arrived a week ago. I hope that it rains soon! It is getting late so I should get to bed. I will try to write more much has happened over this past week. Charlie pushes me to step outside my comfort zone...I'm glad...I'm having a great experience so far. We get up early and go running every morning....I'd better get to sleep or I won't feel like getting up tomorrow. Thank you all for all your prayers!

Monday, February 1, 2010

Namibia - February 1,2010

I arrived almost two weeks ago, but didn't have time or easy access to the internet to start this until now. What a long trip it was from Nashville,TN to Windhoek, Namibia! I flew out on Sunday and had to spend Monday night in Nairobi. I met some really amazing people from the States as I was boarding the place in Amsterdam and they invited me to stay with them when we arrived in Nairobi. I know it was Providential...I would have stayed in the airport and I don't think I would have enjoyed that very much. It was such a blessing to hear about the work that they are doing in Kenya. They were Quakers and I really enjoyed spending the time with them. It's amazing the Christian fellowship we can find no matter where in the world we go!
The next morning I flew out and arrive in Windhoek in the afternoon.